Compliance and Training Bureau

November 2, 2023

Compliance and Training Bureue


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IBR Shareable Training Presentations 

NIBRS Overview: Reporting, Roles, and Responsibilities
NIBRS Overview & Manual Entry
Crimes Against Persons
Crimes Against Property
Crimes Against Society
Group B Offenses
Hate Crime Guidelines
Cargo Theft
Molly Jane's Law/ViCAP
Texas Specific Reports
NIBRS Errors and How to Fix Them
Texas Specific Errors "T" Errors
Use of Force Overview
Use of Force Overview & Manual Entry
How to Read a Flat File


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NIBRS Overview and Manual Entry



CJIS Reporting Documents

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Offense Codes

Adult and Juvenile Reporting Codes

Follow this link for a list of all the reporting codes for Adult and Juvenile criminal disposition reporting for all sections of the forms. You will also find the cross-reference guides for the courts to help in determining which Court Disposition Numeric codes (Juvenile Adjudication Numeric) can be used with which Court Provision Numeric codes (Juvenile Disposition Numeric) as well as codes for reporting Juvenile Required Programs.


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