Reporting Forms

August 27, 2020

Here you will find the updated facsimiles of all the Criminal Reporting Forms, both Adult and Juvenile.  The CR-4345 and CR-44 are the Adult Reporting Forms and the CR-4345J and CR-44J are the Juvenile Reporting Forms.  The CR-43P is a form that is specifically for Adult Probation Offices to use if they receive an offender for supervision that does not have a TRN associated with the charge.  When Adult Probation fills out the CR-43P, the shaded fields do not need to be filled in, all other fields are required.  The forms that are posted here are not for use in reporting, they are only to be used as guides and examples of the forms.  The actual forms used for reporting are composed of three pages of differing colors and a fingerprint card in the case of the 43s.  If you need to order forms for reporting please use the DPS Identification Supplies Order Form to place the order.  If you will be reporting charges that need to be added to the Criminal History, be sure to order the forms that include TRN numbers.  There is also an FBI CJIS Supply Order Form posted here if you need to order supplies directly from the FBI.