CJIS and JJIS Reporting

August 27, 2020

Here you will find all the details, explanations and user manuals to report criminal and juvenile justice information to DPS for inclusion in the Computerized Criminal History (CCH). You will find the CR-50A (Juvenile) and CR-50B (Adult) reporting manuals that give step-by-step instructions, including definitions, for how to fill out the CR-43, CR-44, CR-43J and CR-44J Criminal History Reporting Forms.

If you would like to receive training on these forms or the information that is required for reporting, please contact your CJIS Field Auditor. There is a map of the CJIS Regions as well as a list of the counties and their field auditors that includes contact information for all of the auditors. You can also contact the main CJIS Office by calling (512) 424-2478 or emailing: cjisjjis@dps.texas.gov.