Appendix K - Offense Codes

August 27, 2020

As per CCP 66.052(a), the Department is responsible for creating and maintaining numerical offense codes that are associated with criminal offenses of a Misdemeanor B and above level/degree that are not fine only. These offense codes are 8 digits long, the first four digits consist of the NCIC Classification of the offense and the last four digits are the Texas specific identifier of the offense. Each offense code is associated with the specific Texas Statute and Citation where the level and degree of the offense is stated. The version of the offense codes is updated after every legislative session and the most up to date and current list of the offense codes can be found on this page. There is also an Excel workbook that shows and tracks all of the changes and updates that have been made to the most current version of the offense codes.

Here you will find specific instructions on how to report information on Federal Charges and Misdemeanor C offenses. The Federal Charges reported will be a 'space saver' until the time that the Federal Agency responsible for the offense reports the information to the federal databases. The Misdemeanor C charges can be reported on Adult offenders and by using the generic MC offense codes listed. By law, FC 51.03 and FC 58.104(a), DPS is not allowed to collect any Referrals (Arrests) of MC charges against juveniles. Also included on this page is a list of all offenses that, per CCP 66.102(h), require the age of the victim be reported to the criminal history.

Version 19 - Effective 9/1/2023

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