Apply Online/Forms

November 20, 2020

Please apply online then download and print the RC-99 Form, RC-4A Form, RC-5 Form, Fair Credit Report Act, Social Media Form.  Forms must be SINGLE SIDED and filled to the best of your knowledge and notarized if applicable (cardstock not accepted). Forms will be submitted to the recruiter along with the documents listed below.

Additional required documents unless they are not applicable are:

  • Completed DPS Personal History Statement RC-4a (single sided).
  • Copy of your Social Security card. (Original verified during testing).
  • Original or certified copy of your birth certificate or Passport (Notarized Copy Accepted) (Full size birth certificate required, no wallet or pocket size accepted).
  • Copy of your valid issued state driver license (Original verified during testing).
  • Certified copy of your High School Transcripts/GED or certified
  • Official college transcripts from a Regional Accrediting Organization.
  • Military DD-214 or NGB-22, or DPS Military Discharge Form with an honorable discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States after at least twenty four months of active service and/or Military Reserve Documents. Members of the Military Armed Forces must provide all copies of DD-214's, if more than one has been awarded.
  • All in/out of state Peace Officers need a Law Enforcement Agency Verification Letter to verify two years of full-time patrol service with current or previous agencies.
  • Copy of your Texas Peace Officer Certificate/License, TCOLE training records and certificates awarded. (Texas Peace Officer Applicants Only)
  • Copy of your Performance Evaluations for the past three years from your current/previous employer, if applicable.
  • Original certified copy of your Naturalization papers, if applicable. (Original verified during testing)
  • Copy of current proof of automobile liability insurance.
  • Complete Credit Report from one credit reporting agency. (Summaries with credit score are not accepted)
  • Certified/Official Copy of final court's disposition for any criminal charges regardless if case was dismissed.
  • Certified/Official Copy of court orders for any expunged criminal records.
  • If qualifying with military reserve time a copy of retirement points or service can be verified with a copy of the individual's Retirement Points Accounting Management (RPAM), NGB Form 23, Retirement Points Accounting System (RPAS) or AHRC Form 249-2-E.
  • Out of State Peace Officers must provide a copy of their license and training records from their state Peace Officer Licensing Commission.