Crimes Against Persons (CAP)

September 11, 2020

LogoHuman trafficking, sexual assault, and crimes against children are complex and challenging crimes to investigate. Research has overwhelmingly indicated that a multidisciplinary response to these crimes best serve the needs of victims, hold offenders accountable, and promote stronger community safety. The Crimes Against Persons (CAP) training unit focuses on offering specialized, victim-centered, multidisciplinary training on these topics.

One violent crime investigation may require an expert in law, technology, evidence collection, interviewing, criminal analysis, crime victim rights, mental and physical health, and medical treatment. The age or developmental stage of a victim can add to the complexity of an investigation. To reinforce the variety of resources, skills, knowledge, and joint effort needed to initiate and complete a successful investigation, while also meeting the needs of a victim, the CAP training unit offers unique and thorough training for professionals who protect and serve victims impacted by these crimes.