Learning Content Management System (LCMS)

September 11, 2020

LogoThe DPS Learning Content Management System (LCMS) provides for the training management of courses offered. The LCMS supports training opportunities for DPS employees and the employees of other cities, counties, state, and federal employees. In addition to supporting the administrative functions of training management, the LCMS also supports the delivery of online learning, blended learning, and instructor-led training. The LCMS offers learner self-service and self-enrollment, immediate access to transcripts, user notifications, course catalog, credit card payments and scheduling and course locations. We also offer other agencies the ability to manger their organizational accounts and their users. All users have immediate and continued access to certificates and their accounts.

In essence, the LCMS is a strategic solution for planning, delivering, and managing learning events within and outside of DPS. The LCMS assists with raising competency and performance levels throughout a learning enterprise. The focus of the LCMS is to manage learners, keep track of progress and performance across all types of training activities. It performs administrative tasks, such as reporting for instructors, and reporting to or interfacing with other systems. The LCMS assists authors, instructional designers, and subject matter experts with the means to create and publish learning content more efficiently. The LCMS provides extensive training needs insight for management and all learners.

The LCMS is an advanced, yet user-friendly learning content management system. Users find this to be an invaluable tool for your professional development and leadership advancement.

The LCMS Unit provides personal customer support and services and welcomes all opportunities to assist everyone associated with the use of the system.