Fitness Wellness Unit

September 10, 2020

Logo The Texas Department of Public Safety Fitness Wellness Unit is focused on changing lives and the prevention of heart and obesity related disease through training and education. This award winning unit is using a holistic approach to educate Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Personnel through Physical Fitness Classes, Nutrition Education, Sleep Education, and Resilience Training.

Since its inception in 2010, the Fitness Wellness Unit has quickly grown in size and demand. The five person Unit has a large role in the leadership classes held at DPS, travels around Texas and the surrounding states implementing our testing module, and teaches multiple group exercise classes each day at DPS Headquarters as well as the State Capitol Complex.

The DPS Physical Training and Fitness Testing Model is being replicated across the State of Texas by multiple agencies. The Fitness Wellness Unit now offers a six week Fitness Institute that certifies individuals as DPS Physical Fitness and Readiness Testing Instructors. This course is designed to prepare the future instructor with information in the following topics: Program Management, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Leadership, Injury Prevention, Strength Training, Physical Fitness Assessment, Conditioning, and Functional Training.

Additionally, the Unit is teaching wellness seminars and fitness symposiums, live and via the web upon request across the State with an overarching vision of changing the culture of Wellness within State Agencies.

For more information, or to coordinate a training or symposium in your area, please contact us.

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Award Recipients: 100 Club of Central Texas
Award Recipients: 100 Club of Central Texas

Please contact us for information regarding DPS Physical Readiness/Fitness Policy and/or Forms (161, 162, 163, 164, 165)