Resilience Training

September 11, 2020

Resilience is defined as the ability to withstand, recover and/or grow in the face of stressors and changing demands (Source: Defense Centers of Excellence). Most people will tell you that the challenges and adversities they have faced have defined them and made them who they are today. Using the latest research based strategies, The Texas Department of Public Safety in collaboration with the FBI National Academy's Officer Safety and Wellness Committee is incorporating resilience training into all aspects of training with a goal of increased employee well-being, retention, improved communication, and an understanding of physical, mental, social, and spiritual resilience.

According to the Department of Justice's 21st Century Police Report, "Safety and wellness issues affect all law enforcement professionals, regardless of their management status, duty, or tenure." At the Texas Department of Public Safety, senior leaders are taking resilience seriously. By incorporating resilience training in levels of the Progressive Leadership model, organizational implementation of strategies and techniques with an overarching goal of improving employee health and increase resistance to daily stressors. Resilience classes that we offer are below.

HeartMath Resilience Advantage Course

  • 2-4 hour training on physiology of optimal performance
  • Builds a foundation of understanding how to build resilience to daily stressors and effectively manage energy drains.

TX DPS Resilience Training

  • 16 hours, 12 modules that reinforce resilience skills in 4 Domains that can be taught individually or in larger blocks of instruction
  • Domains: Physical, Mental, Social, &Spiritual Resilience
  • Must be reinforced through practice and discussion

TX DPS Resilience Train the Trainer

  • 32 hours, 12 Resilience Modules, plus 10 hours of in depth instruction and practice teaching to reinforce learning
  • Learn to train others resilience skills learned in TX DPS Resilience Training
  • Ideal for departments looking to build a culture of resilience

Resilience Advantage

A 2-4 hour workshop licensed by the Institute of HeartMath, this course gives an understanding of the physiology of stress and strategies to build resilience to it.  Key topics include:

  • Energy Management
  • Coherent Communication
  • How to Access Practical Intuition
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Identification of Energy Drains

More information included on HeartMath Flyer

TX DPS Resilience Training

Based off of the US Airforce's Comprehensive Airman Fitness Program, TX DPS Resilience Training incorporates 12 training modules that can be taught individually, or in larger blocks of instruction. TX DPS Resilience Training is made up of domains and tenets.  The purpose of TX DPS Resilience Training is organizational implementation. Participants will learn and practice skills in a small group setting in order to utilize resilience training both on and off duty.

Domains Mental Physical Social Spiritual
  Awareness Endurance Communication Perseverance
Tenets Adaptability Nutrition Connectedness Core Values
  Decision Making Recovery Social Support Perspective
  Positive Thinking Strength Teamwork Purpose

The Texas Department of Public Safety has resources in place to strengthen each of the domains. Resilience training builds resilience and improves it in those that are already considered resilient. This training helps reshape thinking. It requires us to look at the world and daily stressors in a different way. Rather than focusing on adversity, this course focuses on how we look at adversity.

Train the Trainer

The Texas DPS is offering a 4 day course to train Resilience Training Leaders (RTL) in the TX DPS Resilience Training methodology. Trainers will experience the course personally and will be required to teach a block of instruction to ensure mastery of course content. Agencies that are looking to incorporate resilience training into their department are ideal candidates for this course.

Training Dates - Coming soon!

Cost - there is no cost associated with this training. Travel, room, and board must be covered by agency represented

Texas DPS Master Resilience trainers:

Dr. Celesta Harris
Alexis Schminke

Texas DPS Resilience Training Leaders (contact to coordinate training in your area)