September 11, 2020

Nutrition information can be overwhelming and challenging to decipher. Below you will find several evidence based resources that may be very beneficial to assist you in improving your personal nutrition.

One of the first steps to understanding nutritional requirements is to understand caloric input and output. With current technology, this is not as difficult as it may seem. There are several resources available to do this. We recommend myfitnesspal. This simple website or application will show you how many calories you are consuming and how many you are burning over a 24 hour period. The next step is to learn about your macronutrient intake (percentage of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins). The Fitness Wellness Unit offers classes that are designed to offer you a better understanding of the macronutrients and how to stay on track. You will find more information about our lecture series here.

Please look at our snack matrix that gives ideas for healthy snacking by pairing of carbohydrates and proteins. Carbohydrates are our body’s primary energy source and protein provides satiety and has a vital role in many facets of health. This matrix also has calories associated with each pairing.

If you have further questions, or would like to schedule a lecture for your section or unit, please contact the Fitness Wellness Unit. We would be happy to speak with you regarding your personal nutrition goals and strategies.