Capitol Fitness Program

September 10, 2020

Capitol FitnessSince February of 2013 the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Fitness Wellness Unit has been working hard to promote health and fitness for employees at the State Capitol Complex.   Starting with only 4 participants, this fun and highly effective program has rapidly grown.   We currently offer Cross Training classes at no cost to employees.

To participate in these classes please complete and electronically submit this PAR-F form.

The Cross Training classes are 30 minutes long and meet on the first floor of the Barbara Jordan Building in the Capital Complex, on San Jacinto and 16th.  All equipment needed for the workout is provided. You only need to bring water!  Typical workouts include body weight exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, and running and exercises using sand bells, kettle bells, medicine balls, resistance bands, jump ropes, rowing machines, heavy ropes, tires, and mats.  In addition we have two elliptical machines and a weight bench with a barbell and plates that you can use on your own during the time that cross training classes are offered.

Class Times
Times Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
12:00-12:30 Cross Training X Cross Training X X
12:45-1:15 Cross Training X X X X


Class schedules are subject to change depending on the availability of the instructors. Please contact to be added to the email list for the updates on the classes.