September 2, 2020

Webinar Information

TXDPS Limited Equipment Recruit Training Webinar
This training is designed to assist potential TXDPS Recruit Trainees with preparation for the Academy setting and entrance requirements while navigating the potential barriers of current gym closures. Attendance of this training will provide research based information on ways to continue a training program with limited to no equipment. Attendance of this webinar provides no guarantee of entrance to the TXDPS Training Academy, yet is another resource offered to assist individuals with preparation. During the interactive presentation, individuals will be offered the opportunity to interact via live polling, question and answer components and more.

Upcoming Webinar:

Title: Nutrition & Hydration
Date and Time: Friday, July 31st at 10am and 12pm
10am registration
12pm registration

Webinar Recordings:

If you are interested in going back and watching any components of the webinars offered, they are available online as listed below:

Applicant Training Plan (PDF)

Please contact one of the individuals below if you are having trouble registering for the webinar or have any questions regarding the presentations.

Sgt. Grant Belvin (Beaumont) grant.belvin@dps.texas.gov
Sgt. Patrick Timms (Wichita Falls) patrick.timms@dps.texas.gov
Sgt. Desirae Salcido (Weslaco) desirae.salcido@dps.texas.gov
Sgt. Maria Loredo (Laredo) maria.loredo@dps.texas.gov