Police Training Opportunities

September 2, 2020

To All Texas Law Enforcement Personnel:

Your attention is invited to the special training courses available through the Texas Department of Public Safety to all Texas law enforcement officers.   These courses are sponsored by the Department of Public Safety and the Texas Police Association, and are designed to provide Texas law enforcement officers the opportunity to improve their professional competence.  The training will be conducted by staff members of the DPS Law Enforcement Academy and by outstanding professional consultants.

You are cordially invited to attend these training schools.
Steven C. McCraw


Texas Police Association
Texas Police Association

You can contact the Texas Police Association at:
Raul Vargas
Executive Director

Ramona Krieg
Assistant to the Director
Office: (512) 458-3140
Fax: (512) 458-1799

You can contact the Texas Department of Public Safety at:
Law Enforcement Education
Office: (512) 424-7214
Fax: (512) 424-5734