External Agency Row Testers

September 11, 2020

Important Notice:
All commissioned employees, including commissioned Department Certified Fitness Testers, are to be tested by a Department Certified Fitness Tester who has a current active CPR/AED certification or Department approved equivalent. A Department Certified Fitness Tester is a tester who has successfully completed training in any of the following formats:

  1. DPS Fitness Institute: Physical Fitness Testing and Assessment Instructor Development Program. This tester can perform the Standard PRT testing; Concept II Row testing (2000m, 4-minute, 500 meter), and the Combat Fitness Evaluation.
  2. Concept II Rower Tester Training Course: This tester can perform the Concept II Row Testing (2000m, 4-minute, 500 meter).

Outside Law Enforcement Agencies Concept 2 Rower Training Manual (PDF)