CDL Third Party Skills Testing Program

February 10, 2021

The Texas Commercial Driver License (CDL) Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) program authorizes qualified companies, certified by the Department of Public Safety, to administer knowledge and driver skills examinations to their students or employees for CDL classes A, B, and C.

Interested TPST providers must apply to be certified as a Designated Responsible Person and or an examiner.  All applicants for the CDL TPST Program must comply with the directives set forth by the Department of Public Safety.

Who is eligible to become a CDL TPST Provider?

A company interested in becoming a CDL TPST Provider must meet these minimum requirements.

  • Maintain one permanent, regularly occupied structure located within the state of Texas.
  • Evidence of owning or leasing one Class A or B Commercial Motor Vehicle with a current vehicle inspection and registration.
  • Evidence of having been in continual operation for at least 365 days immediately preceding the date of application.
  • Certification of basic control skills pad and skills test route by the Department of Public Safety.
  • Have no delinquent fees to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.
  • Proof of surety bond in the applicant's name in the amount of $25,000 for each examiner employed.
  • Maintain at least the minimum insurance coverage required under Texas Transportation Code 601.072.
  • Complete all documents required for a Designated Responsible Person and Examiner.

The potential CDL TPST Provider must submit the following information (click on below link to print form) to start the application process:

All documents must be sent to the DLD Program Review Section either by mail or email.

Mailing Address:

Program Review
5805 N Lamar
Austin, TX 78752-0300


If you have any compliance concerns about a CDL Third Party Skills Testing (TPST) Provider, you can send an email to In the body of the email, please provide a concise statement of the nature of the concern or complaint, including all relevant facts.