Texas Suspicious Activity Reporting Network (TxSARNet)

August 17, 2020

The Texas Suspicious Activity Reporting Network (TxSARNet) is a statewide suspicious activity reporting network recommended by the Texas Fusion Center Policy Council in order to create a holistic view of terrorism or crime-related suspicious activity in Texas. The network facilitates a comprehensive collection, analysis, and response to terrorism, school safety, and crime-related activity. The TxSARNet will assist Federal, State, Tribal and local law enforcement agencies in their efforts to detect, deter, and eliminate criminal activities.

Suspicious activity can be reported the following ways:

  • www.iWatchtx.org
  • iWatchTx app
    • iPhone users through Apple App Store
    • Android users through Google Play
  • TxSARNet Phone Line 1-844-643-2251

On September 5, 2019, Governor Greg Abbott issued Executive Order No. GA-07 to help prevent mass shootings by increasing law enforcement’s ability to respond to suspicious activity.

In response to Order No. 1, the Texas Department of Public Safety in coordination with Texas fusion centers, the Texas Commission on State Emergency Communications, the Texas 911 Alliance, and the Texas Information and Referral Network of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission—developed standardized intake questions that can be used by all Texas law enforcement agencies to better identify whether a person calling the agency has information that should be reported to the Texas Suspicious Activity Reporting Network.

In response to Order No. 2, Texas Department of Public Safety developed a new lesson plan and curriculum for expanded SAR training for law enforcement agencies in coordination with TCOLE. That course and lesson plan was posted to the TCOLE website in November 2019, and is available at the following link: