Building Expertise and Analytical Readiness (BEAR) Training Program

August 17, 2020

LogoICT's Building Expertise and Analytical Readiness (BEAR) training program aims to deliver quality analytic training to law enforcement analysts in all stages of their career. The BEAR program provides practical and outcome-based training consistent with Intelligence Community Analytic Standards and competencies. At the core of the program is the Analyst Academy available to all law enforcement analysts, including those employed by other agencies, as well as a course in Criminal Intelligence Analysis. Students completing these courses can earn up to six graduate credit hours towards a Homeland Security degree from Sam Houston State University. For more information on the BEAR training program, contact the ICT Training Team.

  • The Analyst Academy is a five-week training program that provides students with the knowledge and skills required to be a successful law enforcement analyst at the entry level. The Analyst Academy has eight modules: Overview of Intelligence Analysis (OIA), Principles of Intelligence Writing and Briefing (PIWB), Critical Thinking and Analytic Methods (CTAM), Crime Analysis Techniques (CAT), Texas Criminal Justice System, Research and Applied Statistics, and techniques in Open Source Intelligence.  Students are trained to standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • The Criminal Intelligence Analysis course is a three-week course that builds upon the foundation of analytic knowledge established during the Analyst Academy, and further develops the analyst's competencies in intelligence research, writing, and briefing. This rigorous course focuses on the core principles of intelligence analysis as students walk through each step of the intelligence cycle. The course is administered with two weeks of in-class instruction, followed by a one week break for students to conduct research and prepare products before returning for a third week in a culminating capstone exercise.