Criminal Investigation Case Support

August 17, 2020

The Criminal Investigation Case Support section consist of the Regional Intelligence Support and Collection Program, Texas Top Ten Program, Human Intelligence Team (HUMINT), Financial Intelligence Team (FIT) and the Public Integrity Unit (PIU). There are Regional Intelligence Supervisors (RIS) and analysts dispersed throughout the state to work closely with DPS investigators, providing assistance, and analytical support for investigations.

Texas Top Ten section, in conjunction with the DPS Criminal Investigations Division, and with funding and support from the Governor's Office, operates the Texas Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and Texas Top Ten Most Wanted Sex Offender Fugitives programs.

HUMINT Unit is dedicated to gathering information and intelligence from the community to protect law enforcement and the citizens of Texas. The HUMINT Unit coordinates efforts with the Intelligence Community including federal, state, and local partners to optimize the intelligence processes for short or long-term law enforcement initiatives. The goal of the HUMINT Unit is to achieve intelligence superiority over criminal actors, organizations, and potential threats.

FIT supports law enforcement and criminal justice communities by providing analytical and tactical case support for major crime investigations through the examination of financial records.

PIU supports the Texas Ranger Division's investigations of crimes committed by state officers and state employees. In 2015, the 84th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1690, which created a Public Integrity Unit within the Ranger Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety to investigate offenses against public administration, including ethics offenses.