Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO) Program

August 17, 2020

Mission Statement: To build a robust statewide network of public and private sector volunteers helping Texas law enforcement reduce vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure.

Overview of the Texas Fusion Center ILO ProgramLogo

The ILO Program is designed to enhance information and intelligence sharing between law enforcement agencies and public and private sector critical infrastructure entities. ILOs are vetted to receive intelligence information and trained to properly identify and report suspicious activities, possible threats to critical infrastructure, and crimes to the state's 24/7 fusion center – the Texas Fusion Center (TFC). The TFC houses a mixture of state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies that work together to share information and coordinate activities. ILOs are a key component in protecting critical infrastructure in Texas.

What the ILO program will do for participating partners

  • Provide awareness of incidents, threats, and trends involving crime, sabotage, and terrorist activity via webinars, bulletins, and a training conference.
  • Enhance networking, collaboration, and the communication of intelligence information between multiple agencies and sectors.
  • Host and provide access to an ILO Community of Interest on the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN).
  • Award continuing education credits for attending ILO training.

What ILOs do for the Texas Fusion Center

  • Provide the kind of quality suspicious activity reporting that we need to detect, deter, and prevent crime and terrorism against infrastructure.
  • Provide real-time information during critical incidents and active, time-sensitive investigations. We may ask for help when tragedy strikes.
  • Represent your company in communications with the Texas Department of Public Safety Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection.

Becoming an ILO

We seek committed, active partners to be our ILOs. ILOs will be responsible for receiving, safeguarding, and routing law enforcement-related information to appropriate decision-makers within their organization for potential action and collaboration with police. Commissioned officers whose duties include protecting infrastructure are encouraged to apply and can earn Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) credit for attending training. Continuing education credits from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) also will be offered. Ideally, ILOs:

  • Have a minimum of five years of experience in their industry or field, preferably with supervisory or management duties;
  • Perform a role involving security, safety, and/or emergency management of critical infrastructure;
  • Obtain permission from a supervisor to participate;
  • Consent to undergo a criminal history background check;
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement;
  • Complete the ILO training course; and
  • Demonstrate active participation over time.

ILO Application

E-mail completed applications to