Alert Flyer Program

August 17, 2020

Texas law enforcement agencies can create and distribute their own AMBER flyers, apart from those issued by the state's network. The Texas Department of Public Safety's (DPS) Flyer Portal is a 24/7 technology suite, designed to create, manage and distribute Alert flyers using victim, suspect and vehicle information and/or photos. All flyers will display the term "Local", along with the name of the issuing agency. DPS Flyer Portal usage requires law enforcement to obtain a username and password, unique for each participating agency employee. A flyer distributed by law enforcement via the DPS Flyer Portal does not constitute a request and/or activation of the state's network. Flyers are not vetted by DPS staff, however, Texas legislative alert criteria must be satisfied and flyer content is the responsibility of the issuing agency. To start creating/distributing AMBER Alert flyers to the public via email, visit the below website link:

Note: The public can subscribe to receive alert flyers at no cost by using the following web link: