Building Access Frequently Asked Questions

August 19, 2020

1. If I am going to be working after regular business hours, should I notify anyone?

Answer: Yes. It is important that we be aware of employees in the state buildings in case of emergencies. Always sign the Building Register.

2. Is there anything I need to gain entrance into my state office building after regular business hours?

Answer: In order to be authorized into a state office building after regular business hours, you will be required to have one of the following items:

  1. Current state pictured ID card or
  2. Letter of authorization from your supervisor on file with DPS and a current picture ID card or
  3. Your assigned Electronic Access card

3. Who is required to sign-in with the Security Officer after regular business hours?

Answer: Everyone, except those with electronic access cards. Should guests be allowed in with any state employee, regulations stipulate that the employee will be responsible for signing them in and out and their actions while in the building. Adult guests will be required to be in possession of a picture ID.

4. What steps do I take to notify DPS of an employee working during non-business hours?

Answer: Written notification must be made and received NOT LATER THAN 2:00 PM on the date being requested in order for it to be approved and processed to the proper sites.
Please address or fax all Access Requests to:

Patrol Lieutenant Region VII
Texas DPS Patrol & Security Operations

1500 N. Congress Ave., Suite 204,
P. O. Box 13126
Austin, TX 78711-3126
Office Phone: (512) 936-2210
Fax: (512) 305-9136

(All requests should be on Agency letterheads)

5. Is it permissible to leave a copy of the authorization request with the building Security Officer?

Answer: No. All access letters must be approved through appropriate channels.

6. Who can I call to arrange being let into my building when working after hours?

Answer: If you do not have an electronic access card and a letter of authorization is on file with DPS, call our Communication Operations at 463-3556 and they will arrange for a trooper to meet you at your building and allow access.

7. If my electronic access card does not work, whom do I contact?

Answer: DPS Communications should be contacted at 463-3556 for purposes of obtaining verification of the validity of your access card. If validation cannot be verified, access will be denied until such time that the access card can be updated.