Capitol Overview

August 21, 2020

Photo of Texas Capitol buildingOn September 1, 1991, the Texas Legislature transferred all duties and responsibilities of the Capitol Security Police Division of the State Purchasing and General Services Commission to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Today, the Capitol Complex, Capitol Region Headquarters is led by a Regional Director who reports to the Deputy Director of Law Enforcement Operations for the Department of Public Safety.


Capitol ComplexCapitol Complex
The Capitol Complex encompasses a 46 square-block area in downtown Austin. The Capitol Complex is bounded on the south by 10th Street, on the north by Martin Luther King Boulevard, on the east by Trinity Street, and on the west by Lavaca Street, to include the William P. Clements State office building. The Director of the Department may also designate other State office facilities within Austin to fall under the control of the Capitol Region. The Capitol Complex includes the State Capitol and grounds, Capitol Extension, State office buildings, State parking lots and garages, and private office buildings and businesses.

The Capitol Region has commissioned and non-commissioned personnel to administer the various law enforcement, security, and administrative programs required. Capitol Region personnel are assigned to "Districts" responsible for operations conducted 24 hours-a-day/7 days-a-week. A Captain/Service Commander commands each respective District.

Security ProgramsAdministration
The Administration function falls under the direction of the Capitol Region Regional Director. Under this section, there are Majors who oversee Texas Highway Patrol and Criminal Investigations Division programs for the Capitol Region, and a Crime Victim's Liaison, who assists victims of crime in the Capitol Complex.

Capitol DetailTHP Capitol Detail District - 7A
The Capitol Detail is charged with providing police and security functions for the Capitol Building and grounds, Capitol Extension, Capitol Visitors Center, and the Texas Judicial Complex that consists of the Supreme Court Building, Price Daniels Building, and Tom C. Clark Building. Troopers’ duties include police and security patrol, traffic supervision around the Capitol Building, dignitary protection for visiting dignitaries, monitoring of surveillance cameras and equipment, and operation of X-ray and metal detection equipment.

THP Patrol Operations District - 7B
The Patrol Operations District provides general patrol and security duties within the Capitol Complex. Duties include police traffic supervision and enforcement, accident/crash investigation, and security escorts. Specialized Units include a K-9 Unit, Bicycle Unit, Motorcycle Unit, and a Mounted Horse Patrol Unit.

Capitol Detail  Capitol Detail

Capitol Detail  Capitol Detail

THP Security Operations District – 7C
The Security Operations District consists of non-commissioned personnel who perform security duties at the DPS Headquarters Complex, TXDOT Flight Services, the Capitol Building and the Capitol Complex in Austin. Duties include security access, video surveillance, parking administration and enforcement, and Lost and Found.

Security Operations  Security Operations

Criminal Investigations Division Detail
The Criminal Investigations Division provides investigative and administrative functions. These services include conducting criminal investigations, detecting threats, conducting vulnerability assessments to mitigate risks and threats to State officials and property, and coordinating information and intelligence that could impact the security and safety of the Capitol Complex.

Personnel assigned to this Detail also provide evidence and property control and conduct threat assessments for State officials or facilities as needed.


Special FunctionsSpecial Functions
The Capitol Region, from time to time, must deal with large crowds who visit the Capitol Complex on a variety of issues. In response to these situations, a Civil Disturbance Management Team stands ready to deal with crowd control. These Troopers are trained in the use of special techniques and equipment to effectively and safely deal with large crowds, rallies, and demonstrations.

Crowd Management  Special Functions