Threat-to-Life Program

August 16, 2020

The CID is an integral component of the Department’s responsibilities to investigate and respond to Threat-to-Life (TTL) incidents throughout the state, including crisis calls, active shooters, threats to school and law enforcement, the use of weapons of mass destruction, and acts of terrorism, both domestic and international.

Select special agents are assigned to regional assessment teams that are tasked with responding to TTL reports from other law enforcement agencies, mental health professionals, school administrators, other government entities, social media outlets, and concerned citizens. These assessment teams primarily are tasked with investigating individuals who are most likely to be perpetrators of mass violence, including the use of weapons of mass destruction, crisis calls, active shooters, and threats to law enforcement.

Select special agents are also assigned to federal task forces throughout the state to investigate domestic and international terroristic threats – including homegrown violent extremism – that involve violence against the civilian population and/or infrastructure of the state of Texas and/or the nation.

Suspicious Activity Reporting

Visit the iWatchTexas web site to submit a report regarding suspicious behavior that may indicate criminal, terroristic, or school safety-related threats.