Investigative Support Section

August 16, 2020

The CID Investigative Support Section (ISS) performs a variety of highly specialized functions that greatly contribute to the success of the Department's mission. The Technical Unit conducts electronic surveillance, including the use of pen registers, trap/trace devices, intercepts, advanced cell phone exploitation and cell phone interrogations, countermeasure sweeps, and other forms of covert electronic surveillance. The Computer Information Technology and Electronic Crime (CITEC) Unit conducts forensic digital evidence searches and investigates acts of cyber threats, cyber terrorism, and computer security breaches. The Polygraph Unit administers polygraph exams to suspects, informants, and witnesses linked to criminal acts; administers pre-employment exams to trooper and police communications operator applicants; and coordinates the Texas DPS Law Enforcement Polygraph School. The Asset Forfeiture Unit tracks all funds, vehicles, and real property seized by the Department.