Multi-County Drug Task Forces

April 20, 2021

Texas Government Code Section 411.0097 requires the Texas Department of Public Safety to establish policies and procedures for multi-county drug task forces and to evaluate these task forces for compliance with state and federal requirements and effective performance.

Under Texas Local Government Code Section 362.004(a)(1), a multi-county drug task force may be established and operated only after the Texas Department of Public Safety confirms a strategic need for the task force and has approved the composition of the task force.  The code also requires these task forces to comply with policies and procedures established by the Department.

Municipal and county law enforcement agencies in Texas that are interested in establishing a multi-county drug task force should familiarize themselves with Form CID-37, Multi-County Drug Task Force Policies, prior to competing and submitting Form CID-36, Multi-County Drug Task Force Application.

Law enforcement agencies with additional questions regarding multi-county drug task forces, the published policies, or the application process should contact the Department of Public Safety, Criminal Investigations Division, Organized Crime Section, at 512-424-7722.