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ILO Program Mission Statement


To build a robust statewide network of public and private sector volunteers helping Texas law enforcement reduce vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure.

Overview of the TXJCIC Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO) Program

The Texas Joint Crime Information Center's Infrastructure Liaison Officer (ILO) program is a network of trusted citizen volunteers or law enforcement officers recruited and trained to help Texas protect its infrastructure from crime, sabotage, and terrorism. ILOs are partners of the state's primary fusion center, the JCIC, which house a diversity of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies working together under one roof. ILOs are trained to see and report suspicious activities. In turn, the JCIC can use the reporting to create investigative leads and awareness to guard against threats.

As the state's only fusion center covering all of Texas 24/7, the JCIC invites you to join our ILO cadre representing sixteen sectors to include energy, transportation systems, communications, manufacturing, water and agriculture.

Together, we can make Texas – and the nation - safer and more secure.

What the ILO program will do for participating partners

What the ILO program will do for the Texas Joint Crime Information Center

Becoming an ILO

We seek committed, active partners to be our ILOs, initially demonstrated by completing 12 hours of training for certification. ILO's will be responsible or receiving, safeguarding and routing law enforcement-related information to appropriate decision-makers within their areas of responsibility for potential action and in anticipation of further collaboration with police. Commissioned officers whose duties might include protecting infrastructure are encouraged to apply and will receive up to eight hours of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement credit for attending training.

The Ideal ILOs will have