Notice to Adult Victims of Family Violence

August 18, 2020

It is a crime for any person to intentionally cause you any physical harm, even if that person is a member or former member of your household.

It is important that you tell the officer if you, your child, or any other household resident has been injured, or if you feel you are going to be in danger after the officer leaves.

IMPORTANT:  If the officer at the scene believes that family violence has occurred, the officer will arrest the offender at the scene if she/he is present.  If the offender is not present when the officer arrives and the officer believes that family violence occurred, the offender may be arrested for family violence at a later date.   In both cases, it is the police ( NOT the victim) who files charges.

You Have The Right To:

  • Safety for yourself and your children - For information about shelters in your area contact your local law enforcement agency or victim services representative.
  • Counseling, information - about the legal system, and getting the offender court-ordered into a counseling program.   Contact your local law enforcement agency or victim services representative.
  • Court-ordered protection from the offender - Protective orders are issued through the County Attorney's Office.   This order must be issued directly to the offender.  It orders him to stay away from you and your family; to stop any communication, direct or through others, that is threatening or harassing; and to stop committing family violence against you.

Any person charged with an offense has a right to bail and is subject to a speedy release.  The Texas Department of Public Safety has no control over this action.


You can contact Victim Services at:


Victim Services
Texas Department of Public Safety

P O Box 4087
Austin, Texas  78773
Phone: (512) 424-2211