DPS Chaplain Program

November 15, 2023

DPS Chaplain Program

DPS Chaplains provide spiritual guidance, crisis support, and assistance to Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) employees, employees’ families, victims, and communities.  Chaplains work under Victim and Employee Support Services (VESS) office under minimal supervision, with extensive latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgement.

Chaplains provide the following services at DPS:

  • Serve as a resource for employees in such incidents as accidental deaths, suicides, encounters with suicidal subjects, serious accidents, and drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Provide counseling, guidance, and emotional support for the employees and their families.
  • Make referrals in cases where specialized attention is needed or in those cases beyond the chaplain’s ability to assist.

Chaplains are committed to assist in the continual success of the Texas Department of Public Safety. This assistance is provided by being a resource for guidance and assistance to Texas DPS commissioned personnel, other employees, and their immediate families. The collaboration is conducted proactively and reactively, in both crisis and non-crisis incidents, while promoting the DPS core values of Integrity, Excellence, Accountability, and Teamwork.