Address Confidentiality Program

August 18, 2020

The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) was created to help victims of family violence, sexual assault, and stalking keep their actual address confidential.

  • The program is administered by the Texas Office of the Attorney General and provides a substitute post office box address and free mail forwarding service to victims that participate.
  • It is a safety tool available for victims when developing an overall safety plan. It is not a guarantee of safety.
  • To be eligible you must be a victim of family violence, sexual assault, or stalking and reside in Texas or have plans to relocate to Texas. Household members may also be eligible to participate in the program.
  • The substitute address can be used as the participant's main address for their driver license, voter, vehicle and school registrations, as well as for most court and government documents.
  • To apply you must meet with an advocate from a police department, prosecutors office, domestic violence shelter, or sexual assault center to discuss a safety plan and complete an application. The advocate will then submit the application to the Attorney General’s Office.
  • You may also complete an application on your own if you have a protective order or temporary injunction in place, or possess documentation of family violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

DPS Victim Services Counselors

For more information please visit: Address Confidentiality Program