Military Fee Exemption

September 30, 2020

1. Who qualifies for the military fee exemption (SB 807)?

Individuals who submit an original or renewal application to be a Texas certified vehicle inspector and meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Active Duty Military Service Member: current full-time military service in the armed forces of the United States or active duty military service as a member of the Texas military forces, as defined by Texas Government Code §437.001, or similar military service of another state.
  • Military Veteran: a person who has served on active duty and who was discharged or released from active duty.
  • Active Military Spouse: a person who is married to an active duty military service member who holds a current license issued by another jurisdiction that has licensing requirements that are substantially equivalent to the requirements for registration in this state; or a military spouse who, within five years preceding the application date, held the license in this state.

2. What fees are waived with the military fee exemption (SB 807)?

For qualified applicants, the Texas certified vehicle inspector application fees for individual original and renewal applications are waived.

Note: This exemption does not waive vehicle inspection fees or vehicle registration fees.

3. How do I apply for the military fee exemption?

When completing the online inspector original and renewal application, you can designate your military status, resulting in a reduced application fee.

Once you've submitted and paid for the inspector original or renewal application:

  1. Go to Contact Us
  2. Choose I need to: "Submit Military Documents"
  3. Provide personal details to complete form
  4. Attach required military documents

4. What supporting documentation do I need to submit with my application to obtain the military fee exemption?

In ADDITION to the documents above, depending on the type of military exemption you applied for, you must also submit:

  • Active Duty Military Service Member: a copy of your current orders.
  • Military Veteran: One of the following documents: a copy of your DD-214 (Member Copy - 4), Government-issued Veterans ID card, Honorable Certificate of discharge, or Driver License that states Veteran on front.
  • Active Military Spouse: a copy of your marriage license or DEERS filing, AND a copy of your spouse's current orders.

Instructions to submit military documents

  1. Go to Contact Us
  2. Choose “I need to: Submit Military Documents”
  3. Provide personal details to complete form
  4. Attach required military documents