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Complaint reporting assists Texas DPS Regulatory Services Division in identifying regulated individuals and businesses that may be operating in a manner inconsistent with the conditions of their licensure and in providing corrective measures through compliance and enforcement services.

Program Selected:  Vehicle Inspection

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Please upload files of any letters, checks, receipts and other documents related to your complaint. Click Browse, Upload and then Submit.

Attached file(s)
Before attaching your documents, please read the File Format Tips and follow the File Upload Instructions.

File Format Tips:
  • Files must be in JPG, GIF, DOC, DOCX, or PDF format (Do not password protect)
  • Up to 5 files can be attached (max 5MB each)
  • File name must be alpha numeric only, no special characters or parenthesis,
    e.g.: ( : \ / # * ? < > | )
File Upload Instructions:
  • Click "Choose File", locate file and click "Open". (Repeat this step up to 4 x’s)
  • If you want to remove a chosen file, click "Choose File" and then click "Cancel".
  • After chosing your documents, Click "Attach"
  • Click "Submit Form"