Vehicle Inspection Advisory Committee

September 4, 2020

Texas Vehicle Inspection Advisory Committee

In accordance with Texas Transportation Code Sec. 548.006, an advisory committee consisting of nine members shall advise and make recommendations to the conservation commission and the department on the conservation commission's and department's rules relating to the operation of the vehicle inspection program, and perform any other advisory function requested by the conservation commission or the department.

Committee Members

Committee Member Role Industry Term Expires
Anthony Moffa Co-Chair Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) 09/01/2022
Robert Ferre Co-Chair Public 08/01/2023
Kevin Pishkar Committee Member Auto Repair Manager 08/01/2023
Julie Claussen Committee Member Emissions Analyst 08/01/2023
David Lewis Committee Member Emissions Testing Equipment Manufacturer 08/01/2023
David Campbell Committee Member Station Owner 08/01/2023
Charles Ray Committee Member Texas State Manager for DEKRA 08/01/2023

All meetings are open to the public. The next scheduled Vehicle Inspection Advisory Committee (VIAC) meeting will be held in March 2021 at the

Texas Department of Public Safety,
5806 Guadalupe Street, Building I,
Austin, Texas, 78752
  • To attend the meeting, contact the VIAC Liaison at (512) 424-7717.


Advisory Committee Application (PDF)


Meeting Information

Advisory Committee Meeting Notes

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Correspondence to Committee Members can be sent to:

Texas Department of Public Safety
Vehicle Inspection-MSC 4087
P.O. Box 4087
Austin, TX. 78773-0001



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