Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program

September 21, 2020

The Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) program is a State of Texas initiative to increase the opportunities available to businesses owned by minorities and women in the area of state procurement and contracting. A HUB is a sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation in which at least 51 percent of the stock or other equitable securities are owned by one or more persons who are members of the following groups: Asian Pacific Americans, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, women, and service-disabled veterans. These individuals must have a proportionate interest in the control, operation, and management of the business, as well as, their principal place of business must be located in Texas. Eligible entities are identified in (34 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Rule §20.294)  

The DPS HUB Program Office ensures the agency’s good faith effort to include HUB businesses in its procurement efforts. This good faith effort involves evaluating and determining HUB Subcontracting opportunities, administration of the university’s HUB mentor/protégé program, participating in marketing and outreach efforts for HUB participation, and HUB reporting to the Texas State Comptroller.


Benefits of being a HUB

  • HUB certification is free of charge and good for up to four years, provided that the business continues to meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Only certified HUBs are listed in the online Texas HUB Directory. State agencies use the HUB Directory in conjunction with the Comptroller's Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) to solicit bids from certified HUBs for state purchasing and contracts.
  • Or purchases of $10,000 or less, state entities can directly contact a business to buy goods and services.
  • The Texas HUB Directory is also searched by vendors looking for certified HUBs to include in their HUB Subcontracting Plans for contracts of $100,000 or more. The vendors utilize the HUB Directory to identify HUBs to whom they will send notification of their subcontracting opportunities.
  • Increased exposure to the general public as well as other entities that have a supplier diversity program, and are searching for minority-owned, woman-owned and service disabled veteran-owned businesses.
  • Per TAC Rule §20.284, each state agency shall make a good faith effort to utilize HUBs in contracts for construction, services (including professional and consulting services) and commodities purchases.

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) HUB Program

The Texas Department of Public Safety Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) Program policy is committed to assisting and promoting all HUB vendors, including Service Disabled Veterans (SDVs), with procurement opportunities.

The DPS HUB Program goal is to increase HUB participation through following:

  • Promoting full and equal opportunities for all HUB vendors in state contracting.
  • Encouraging and assisting HUBs in acquiring CPA HUB Certification.
  • Increasing awareness of HUB opportunities through education, communication, training, and innovative outreach efforts.
  • DPS has created a series of specialized forums to provide marketing information that directs HUBs to key procurement staff within the agency to increase utilization of HUBs for these procurement categories.

DPS's HUB Goals

DPS has adopted the Statewide HUB Program rules as its own. DPS is committed to promoting full and equal business opportunities for all businesses in state contracting in accordance with the goals specified in the State of Texas Disparity Study:

  • 11.2%   Heavy Construction
  • 21.1%   Building Construction, including general contractor
  • 32.9%   Special Trade Construction
  • 23.7%   Professional Services contracts
  • 26.0%   Other Services contracts
  • 21.1%   Commodities contracts

DPS and its contractors shall make a good faith effort to meet or exceed these goals and assist HUBs in receiving a portion of the total contract value of all contracts that DPS expects to award in a fiscal year.

DPS HUB efforts are indicated by the high percentage of direct contract dollars awarded to HUBs averaging 90% over the last few years.

How Can I Do Business with DPS?

Steps for working with the Department:

  • DPS must follow the state required  procurement method first; before seeking vendors through a competitive bid.
  • Get familiar with Statewide Contracts.
  • Schedule a meeting with the DPS  HUB Program Office to identify areas of interest and provide a brief HUB Capability Statement about your company offerings to DPSHUB.

Tips on Doing Business with the State of Texas

HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP)

Each state agency (including institutions of higher education) that considers entering into a contract with an expected value of $100,000 or more shall, before the agency solicits bids, proposals, offers, or other applicable expressions of interest, determine whether subcontracting opportunities are probable under the contract.

If subcontracting opportunities are probable, each state agency's invitation for bids or other purchase solicitation documents for construction, professional services, other services, and commodities with an expected value of $100,000 or more shall state that probability and require a HUB Subcontracting Plan (HSP).

The HUB Department provides vendors four (4) opportunities for HSP training and/guidance:

  1. Provides training and assistance at the pre-bid conference (if you are present);
  2. Courtesy reviews of the HSPs; prior to bids closing and/or any amendments (not final approval);
  3. If your HSP is disapproved during the evaluation phase, the HUB department can debrief and provide additional training;
  4. HSP trainings are also available through the DPS HUB Office) ().

HSP reviews should be sent to DPSHUB. Please feel free to contact any member of the HUB staff with any questions.

The department is available to assist in reviewing the HSPs; prior to bids closing or any amendments. HSP reviews should be sent to DPSHUB. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

HUB Reporting

The Statewide HUB Program documents expenditures made by state agencies and institutions of higher education annually and semi-annually in its HUB Report. These reports can enable vendors to:

  • Determine if their business participation can help agencies meet or exceed agency-set HUB goals
  • See where agencies purchase their products and services, both by geographic area and type of business, and
  • Contact agencies' HUB Office or purchasing departments, both to introduce their businesses and to learn more about each agency's procurement process

For more information, please visit the HUB Reporting page on the SPD website.

Mentor Protégé Program

In accordance with Texas Government Code §2161.065, and 34 TAC Rule §20.298 the purpose of the Mentor Protégé Program is to assist in fostering long-term relationships between Prime Contractors and Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs). The ultimate goal of the program is to provide developmental assistance to HUBs that will potentially increase their ability to contract directly with the State and/or to obtain subcontracting opportunities under a state contract. Through the Mentor Protégé Program, DPS will consider the cost effectiveness in broadening the pool to develop contract relationships between a mentor and protégé.

Existing DPS Mentor Protégé Agreements
For complete program details and a list of participants, visit the HUB Mentor Protégé Program on the SPD  website.

Economic Opportunity Forums (EOFs)

Economic Opportunity Forums (EOFs) provide numerous opportunities to disseminate and share information about public and private sector procurement, as well as increase networking opportunities with small, minority, women-owned, and service-disabled veteran’s  businesses.

DPS sponsors business forums in which HUBs vendors are invited by the  agency  to deliver technical and business presentations demonstrating their capability to do business with the agency. View upcoming Economic Opportunity Forums.

As required in 34 TAC Rule §20.297,  HUB events can be found on the Economic Opportunity Forums (EOF) calendar.

    • Michael Parks, Procurement  Director/HUB Coordinator
    • Norma Barrera, Assistant Procurement Director
    • Margaret Castillo, HUB Liaison, CTCD, CTCM
    • Sonya Thulin, HUB Liaison, CTCM
    • Ashlie Jenkins, HUB Liaison
  • Contact the HUB Office, DPSHUB@dps.texas.gov Current Bid Opportunities

Other Reports on the DPS website

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