Doing Business with DPS

August 12, 2020


Multiple vendors have reported to DPS that an individual going by “David Reed” has been representing themselves as a Purchasing Manager for the Texas Department of Public Safety. This person is not affiliated with DPS and any communication from this person regarding DPS business is fraudulent. If you have received any communication from this person, please notify your local authority and also notify DPS Procurement at


Outlined below on this page is how to do business with DPS. In acquiring goods and services, DPS does not deviate from the outlined process.

DPS accepts solicitation responses electronically to the assigned point of contact by the posted due date (please scan the ESBD for addendums that may change a solicitation due date). DPS is not accepting overnight; express/priority mails; or in-person delivery of solicitations unless stated in the procurement.  If you have specific questions regarding a solicitation you plan on responding to, please contact via email the listed point of contact for that respective solicitation.