Law Enforcement Personnel

September 8, 2020

The following information is intended for law enforcement personnel.

New LTC Sample Licenses

Criminal Street Gang Membership & LTC Eligibility
Texas law prohibits gang members from carrying handguns under certain circumstances, such as in a vehicle. It does not prohibit them from possessing a handgun or carrying it in other circumstances, such as in their residence. Consequently, a few gang members may be fully qualified under applicable state and federal law to purchase a handgun. Assuming these members can meet all the requirements of the LTC statute, DPS may not deny them a license solely based on their status as a gang member. DPS has no discretion to deny a license to an applicant who meets all eligibility requirements.

How To Request Administrative Action Against a License Holder
Suspension Affidavit (PDF)    Revocation Affidavit (PDF)
Click on the corresponding hyperlink above for an affidavit to be completed by a law enforcement officer requesting either a suspension or revocation action against a license holder.

How to Apply for an LTC as a Law Enforcement Personnel or Prosecutor
Application Instructions for Police Officers / Prosecutors (PDF)
Click on the hyperlink above for information for police officers on how to apply for a License to Carry a Handgun (LTC).