Section 23: Request Knowledge Tests by Driver Education Schools

June 16, 2022

1. I am a certified Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) driver education school. How do I order the driver license knowledge tests to continue to test my students?

 Email your request to and include:

  • School’s name,
  • School’s TDLR number,
  • Examiner’s name,
  • TDLR number of the requestor,
  • Email address of the school, and
  • Requesting English only or both English and Spanish.

The test will no longer be provided by DPS General Stores on paper.

2. What should I expect to receive?

  • Once your information is verified, you will receive an email response from the Department that will include the class c knowledge exams in PDF format for your use.

3. Can I share these with other schools?

  • No, these tests are for the sole use of your driver education school and must be maintained in a secure location.  Any distribution outside of your organization is subject to action by DPS.

4. Can I continue to order knowledge tests from General Stores?

  • General Stores no longer provides driver license knowledge tests.

5. Who should I contact if I have additional questions?