Motorcycle License

September 24, 2020


In addition to meeting the requirements necessary to obtain a regular driver license, individuals must apply for a Class M to operate a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Safety Course

To obtain a Class M driver license, individuals must take an approved motorcycle safety course and bring the certificate of completion with them to the driver license office. If an individual has a valid motorcycle license from another state, DPS will waive the motorcycle safety course requirement.

Note: The Motorcycle Safety Course completion certificate is only valid for 24 months from issuance.

Prior to enrolling in the motorcycle safety course, minors (aged 15 - 17) must either:

  1. Have a Class C learner license and have completed the 32 hour classroom phase of a driver education course; or
  2. Present a certificate of completion of the classroom phase (32 hours) of a driver education course (the behind the wheel portion of the driver education course is not required to take the motorcycle safety course or apply for a Class M license; or
  3. A provisional driver license.

Application Requirements for Minors
Applicants must be at least 15 years of age and may be restricted to operating a motorcycle with no more than a 250 cubic centimeter piston displacement. This restriction can be removed on the applicants 16th birthday. To apply for a Class M license, a minor must:

  • Apply in person at a Texas Driver License office and complete the requirements for an original applicant (if no current Texas license),
  • Present a Motorcycle Safety Course (MSB-8 or MSB-8R) completion certificate,
  • Present a:
    1. Class C Provisional license,
    2. Driver Education form (DE-964) verifying 32 classroom hours, or a completion certificate. Parent Taught Driver Education students must also present Parent Taught Driver Education form (PTDE-964) verifying 32 hours of Driver Education or
    3. Class C learner license and a DE-964 showing completion of a 32 hour driver education course,
  • Submit a high-school Verification of Enrollment and Attendance (VOE) form, (VOE requires a signature. A stamped or computer generated signature of the school official is acceptable).
  • Be accompanied by a Parent, who must provide an authorization signature, and
  • Pass the mandatory skills exam.

Note: Applicant must provide the motorcycle and a car and driver to follow the applicant during the driving test for a motorcycle license.

Minors from Out-of-State
In Texas, the driver education requirement applies to all individuals under 18, even if they already hold a motorcycle license from another state.

Vision and Knowledge Tests may be required for a motorcycle license.  The motorcycle knowledge test is waived for persons presenting a valid Motorcycle Safety Course completion certificate as of January 12, 2015.

Motorcycle Drive Test
The motorcycle drive test CANNOT be waived for any applicant under 18.  All Individuals must take the motorcycle drive test unless the individuals are:

  • 18 years of age or older, has completed a motorcycle safety course and holds a valid, unrestricted Texas Class A, B, or C license
  • 18 years of age or older and is transferring a valid, unrestricted motorcycle license from another state or province of Canada;
  • Applying for a motorcycle learner license (J restriction—see “Class M Restrictions” section below)

Class M Restrictions

Sometimes a restriction code may be placed on a driver license. This is not meant to interfere with an individual’s driving but to make the individual a better driver. Individuals who wish to have a restriction code removed may contact any driver license office.

For individuals under 18 years of age, the Graduated Driver License (GDL) Program enforces some restrictions on when and how a minor may ride a motorcycle during the first year they have a Class M. Phase two of the GDL Program applies to minors who currently hold a Class M.

Motorcycle Learner License (J restriction)
A motorcycle learner license allows an individual to practice riding a motorcycle if a licensed motorcycle operator who is 21 years of age or older is “in sight” and watching.

To apply for a motorcycle learner license, an individual must meet all of the requirements necessary to obtain a learner license, plus complete a motorcycle safety course. (Please bring the certificate of completion to the driver license office when applying for a license.)

Minors are required to take a motorcycle riding test to remove the “J” restriction.

15 Year-Olds (I restriction)
Individuals may apply for a Class M at 15 years of age, but will have an “I” restriction placed on their license. This restriction only allows an individual to ride a motorcycle with 250 cubic centimeter piston displacement or less.

At 16 years of age, an individual may apply at any driver license office to have the “I” restriction removed. If the restriction is removed, the individual may then ride any type of motorcycle.

Texas Drivers Living Out-of-State

Individuals 18 years of age or older who are currently living outside of Texas but want to add a Class M to their Class A, B or C Texas driver license, must:

  1. Complete a motorcycle safety course approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
  2. Gather the following items and mail to the address on the application:
    1. A completed out-of-state driver license application (an application must be completed for a new Class M driver license)
    2. The motorcycle safety course completion certificate
    3. Provide proof of Texas Residency
    4. The required fee
      1. DPS accepts checks, money orders or cashier checks only
      2. Do not send cash
    5. Active duty military who do not have a Texas address must include a copy of their military ID (active duty military members are exempt from the Texas residency requirement)

The new Class AM, BM or CM license will be mailed within 45 days.