Section 9: SR-22 (Proof of Financial Responsibility)

November 18, 2020

1. What is an SR-22?

An SR-22 is proof of state monitored liability insurance which can be obtained at an insurance company of your choice that provides insurance coverage for the state of Texas.

NOTE: SR-22's are not offered at all insurance companies.

2. What types of convictions will require an SR-22?

There are several types of convictions requiring the filing of an SR-22, proof of financial responsibility.  These examples include, but are not limited to:  Driving While Intoxicated,  Drug Offenses, Driving While License Invalid, and  multiple convictions for No Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance.  For more information, please visit our webpage on Reinstating a Driver License.  

3. How long do I need to have an SR-22?

You must maintain a valid SR-22 for two years from the date of your most recent conviction, or the date that a judgement has been rendered against you. Failure to maintain an SR-22 for two years without a lapse in coverage can result in additional enforcement actions and/or reinstatement fees.

4. Why do I need an SR-22?

The Safety Responsibility Act, (Texas Transportation Code Section 601), requires a driver who is suspended for certain violations to file an SR-22 with the Department in order to maintain their driver license.  See question 2 above in this section for additional information on SR-22 requirements.    

5. How log will it take to process my SR-22?

It may take up to 21 business days for the Department to process your SR-22. Visit the Reinstating a Driver License page, to find ways to submit your SR-22.

6. How will I know if you have received my SR-22?

To determine the status of your driver license and/or driving privilege and see if your SR-22 has been received and processed, visit our webpage on License Eligibility.

7. If I send in an SR-22 a year after my date of conviction will I still need to maintain it for an additional two (2) years?

No. An SR-22 must be maintained for a total of two (2) years from the date of your most recent conviction; therefore, in this scenario you will only need to maintain it for one (1) more year. However, if a new conviction that requires an SR-22 is reported to the department, the length of your requirement may be extended.

8. Can I send in my insurance policy/card in place of the SR-22?

No.  A SR-22 is a certificate filed by your car insurance carrier with the Department demonstrating you have continued automobile insurance coverage as required by the Safety Responsibility Act.  If you allow the SR-22 coverage to lapse, your driver license and/or driving privilege would be re-suspended and a new SR-22 and a $100 reinstatement fee would be required to reinstate your driver license.   For more information, please visit our webpage on Reinstating a Driver License.

9. If I do not own a vehicle, will I still be required to get an SR-22?

Yes, you are still required to file and maintain an SR-22.  If you do not own a vehicle you may obtain a Texas non-owners SR-22 Insurance policy.  For more information, please visit our webpage on Reinstating a Driver License.  

10. If I had insurance at the time of the citation, will I still be required to get an SR-22?

No. Your insurance company can submit a letter on company letterhead via fax/email/mail stating that you did indeed have insurance on the date in question.

  • Fax: (512) 424-2848
  • Email: Driver Improvement
  • Mail: Texas Department of Public Safety
            ATTN: ECS
            PO Box 4087
            Austin, TX 78773

Once the Department receives your correspondence, please allow 21 days for processing.

11. I still cannot find the answer to my question, what do I do?

If you do not find the answer to your question listed here within our FAQ's, you can always contact our Customer Service Center for assistance.