Section 7: Reinstatement Fees

November 18, 2020

1. Why do I owe a reinstatement fee?

There are four types of suspensions that will result in a reinstatement fee:

  • Departmental Suspensions (DI) – An administrative enforcement action resulting in the suspension of your driver license or privilege (ex. Driving While License Invalid)
  • Safety Responsibility Suspensions (SR) – If you fail to file and/or maintain an SR-22 (proof of financial responsibility), after an enforcement action has removed your driving privileges
  • Administrative License Revocation Suspensions (ALR) – If you have refused or failed a blood/breath test, and it has resulted in the suspension of your driving privileges
  • Education Program Suspensions – If you fail to provide proof that a Drug, DWI or Subsequent Education Program has been completed within the timeframe designated by statute

For more information, please visit our webpage on Reinstating a Driver License.

2. Why do I have more than one reinstatement fee?

There are several types of suspensions and each one can result in a reinstatement fee requirement. For a breakdown of the types of suspensions read question number one in this section.

3. How can I pay my reinstatement fee?

Reinstatement payments can only be made online or by submitting your payment by mail.  To pay your reinstatement fees online, visit our webpage on License Eligibility. There is a $5.75 processing fee, and payments are applied immediately. 

If you would like to submit a personal check, cashier's check, or money order by mail, include payment for the full amount and include the driver's full name, driver license number, date of birth, and the following appropriate reinstatement fee codes specific to the driver's reinstatement.  See Question 1 under this section for an explanation of the different types of driver license/driving privilege suspensions.

Type of Fee
Administrative License Revocation (ALR)
Safety Responsibility (SR)
Departmental (DI)
Occupational Driver License

Fee Code

Payments submitted by mail must be sent to the following address:

Texas Department of Public Safety
Attn: Central Cash Receiving (CCR)
PO Box 15999
Austin, TX 78761-5999

Please allow 21 business days for processing reinstatement fees paid by mail.

4. Can I pay my reinstatement fee in a driver license office?

No. Driver License office locations only process driver license and identification card issuance and renewal transactions. For information on reinstating a driver license, see the previous question.

5. I just paid my reinstatement fees, why do I now owe another fee?

The Department has been notified that you have been convicted for an additional offense or you have been suspended due to a subsequent violation. For more information on suspensions and reinstatements, please visit our webpage on Reinstating a Driver License.

6. How long does it take for a reinstatement fee to be processed?

Reinstatement fees paid online are processed immediately while fees submitted by mail require 21 business days for processing.

7. Are disabled veterans required to pay reinstatement fees?

Yes, the Texas Transportation Code does not authorize the Department to waive reinstatement fees.

8. Is there a program available to help me pay for my reinstatement fees?

No. Reinstatement fees cannot be reduced and/or paid in installments.

9. When do I have to pay my reinstatement fee?

All reinstatement fees must be paid prior to applying for, renewing, or upgrading a driver license. This includes applying for an occupational or interlock driver license.