Inspection Station Qualifications

September 4, 2020

Qualifications for certification as a Licensed State Inspection Station:

  • Inspection facility must meet minimum DPS space requirements;

  • Must have qualified personnel to perform inspections;

  • Must possess required inspection equipment;

  • Complete and submit required application, fees, and forms;

  • Applicant must pass a background check. See 37 TAC §23.5 for more details. 

Steps to take if you are interested in becoming a licensed State Inspection Station:

  • Persons wanting to operate a state licensed vehicle inspection facility should contact the local  DPS Vehicle Inspection Office for detailed application information.

  • The station must meet the requirements provided by the local office. The requirements will vary according to location and types of vehicles the station will inspect. Station requirements can be found in 37 TAC Chapter 23, Subchapter A.

  • DPS personnel will visit the facility to certify that building and equipment standards are met.

  • Emissions Counties: Stations wishing to perform inspections in EMISSIONS counties must purchase emissions testing equipment as well as enter into a communications agreement with Gordon-Darby. (see links below)

Emissions Equipment Manufacturers
Gordon-Darby Enrollment Form and Agreement (PDF)

Applicable Fees:

  • Initial Station license fee: $100

  • Renewal license fee: $100

Station renewal period occurs August 31 of odd numbered years.