Equipment Overview

September 4, 2020
  Inspection Station in Non-Emissions Counties Inspection Station in Emissions Counties
Testing Devices VIC Unit Components consist of CPU, bar code scanner, metal cart, monitor, keyboard, mouse and related cables and cords. The cart will take up approximately four square feet of floor space (20” x 26”). Emissions Testing Analyzer

See specific details about testing equipment and options for purchasing emissions testing analyzers.
A/C Power Standard Grounded 3-Prong 110 volt A/C outlet. (within three feet of unit) Standard grounded 3-prong 110 volt A/C outlet
Data Communications Agreement None Station must enter into a communication agreement with Gordon-Darby.

Gordon-Darby Communication Agreement Form

Broad Band (recommended) or
Analog Phone Line

See Connectivity Setup (PDF)
See Internet Connectivity (PDF)
Broad Band (recommended) or
Analog Phone Line

*Beginning March 1, 2015, all Inspection Stations must provide a printed VIR at the end of an inspection. VIC approved printer list last updated September 15, 2019.

Approved List for stations needing to purchase a printer (9/15/2019)


LaserJet P1505



Included with emissions testing analyzer purchase

VIC Legacy Printers (not for use with Emissions Analyzers)
You may continue to use your station's VIC printer if it was connected and working properly as of Dec. 1, 2014. Support for legacy printers not on the current, approved list has ended. If your printer is not working properly, purchase a new printer from the Approved Printer list above.

If your printer is on the Approved Printer List above and you are having problems printing, please contact the VIC Help Desk at (855) 845-0842.

Equipment Requirements to conduct inspections
  • VIC Unit
  • Printer
  • Internet Connection (broadband/phone)
  • Emissions Testing Analyzer/Printer
  • Data Contract with Gordon-Darby
  • Internet Connection (broadband/phone)
Equipment Repair/Replacement VIC Help Desk:
(855) 845-0842 or
(855) 845-0-VIC
Contact your analyzer manufacturer
Technical Support VIC Help Desk:
(855) 845-0842 or
(855) 845-0-VIC

Data Transmission Issues:
Gordon-Darby Help Desk (877) 434-8467

Emissions testing analyzer issues:
Contact your analyzer manufacturer