August 21, 2020


(Print these instructions so you may have them on hand while reviewing the Personnel Complaint Affidavit. Click the print button on your browser.)

  1. If you have not already read the section entitled "Complaint Investigation and Resolution", it is recommended you do so now.
  2. Complaints should be submitted in writing via mail, email or fax with your signature affixed.
  3. In the body of the complaint, in a narrative form, give a concise statement of the nature of the complaint, including all relevant facts. The more information you can provide, the better it is for the investigator. If known, name the DPS employee you are complaining against or give sufficient information to allow the Department to identify the employee. Please include your address and telephone number so the investigator can contact you.
  4. The completed and signed complaint may be filed by mail, email, or fax.
  5. The Office of Inspector General does not investigate complaints concerning traffic citations or criminal charges when an individual's guilt or innocence is the only issue in question.

Please mail, email or fax your completed complaint to:

Texas Department of Public Safety
Office of Inspector General

13706 Research Blvd., Suite 100
Austin, TX 78750
Phone: (512) 424-5017
Fax: (512) 424-5769
Email: Inspector General