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August 21, 2020

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Information on this Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) website is being formatted to accommodate screen readers used by persons who are blind or visually impaired wherever possible.  Our standards need to be in compliance with section 508 federal accessibility guidelines. Some information on this site may be in the form of Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.  Refer to Adobe's website for information regarding tools to allow access to PDF files for the visually impaired.

EIR (Electronic Information Resources) Accessibility Coordinator

DPS has designated an Accessibility Coordinator to monitor the agency’s compliance with this policy. If you use assistive technology and the format of any material on this agency’s Web sites interferes with your ability to access the information, please use the following points of contact for assistance. Please indicate the nature of your accessibility problem, the format in which you would like to receive the material, the Web address of the requested material and your contact information. DPS welcomes comments on how to improve its pages for persons with disabilities.

Voice (512) 424-2000
TDD (512) 854-9210

Additional information about accessibility programs in Texas is available from the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities.


TAC §213.17 provides state agencies a means for exceptions to compliance with standards and specifications for new or modified Web pages and content and electronic and information resources developed, procured, or changed on or after September 1, 2006. DPS may approve an exception if the agency determines that compliance would impose a “significant difficulty or expense.” If the DPS claims an exception, the agency may use an alternative method to communicating the information, as explained in Section 2054.460, Texas Government Code (PDF, 260K).

Current EIR Compliance Exceptions:

Validation of Standards

To improve the accessibility of our Web site, we test individual pages with screen readers and other Web tools. Tools used include:

  • W3C HTML Validation Service
  • W3C CSS Validation Service
  • Web Design Group WDG HTML Validator
  • Watchfire® Bobby™ 5.0 Accessibility Validator
  • JAWS Screen Reader
  • ZoomText Screen Magnifier
  • Various versions of different Web browsers


For site security purposes and to ensure that the site remains available to all users, TxDPS uses software to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage. Except for authorized law enforcement investigations, no other attempts are made to identify individual users or their usage habits. Raw data logs are used for no other purposes. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on this site are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Texas Penal Code Chapters 33 (Computer Crimes) or 33A (Telecommunications Crimes).


The TxDPS provides information via this website as a public service. Any links outside the TxDPS web site are provided as a convenience to our viewers. TxDPS has no control over the content of these linked sites. TxDPS does not necessarily endorse any products or services sold by any of these linked sites. TxDPS will link to sites only if they are determined to be aligned with the agency's own goals and positions. If you discover an error on one of the sites, contact the webmaster of that linked site. All of the information provided is believed to be accurate and reliable; however, TxDPS assumes no responsibility for any errors, appearing in rules or otherwise. Further, TxDPS assumes no responsibility for the use of the information provided. TxDPS specifically disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that may result from providing the information contained on the site, including any web sites maintained by third parties and linked to the TxDPS web site. The responsibility for content rests with the organizations that provide the information. The inclusion of links from this site does not imply endorsement by TxDPS. Specific questions regarding a document should be directed to the appropriate organization and not necessarily to the TxDPS Webmaster. TxDPS makes no effort to independently verify, and does not exert editorial control over, information on pages outside of the domain.

Linking to the TxDPS Web Site What you can do:
You do not need to get advance permission to link to the TxDPS web site if you are making a simple link to our agency's homepage. You may also link to one of our sub pages, where appropriate. We reserve the right to change sub pages at any time without notice, so it is up to you to continuously verify your links to our sub pages.

What you should not do:
Please do not capture our pages within your frames, or otherwise present our content as your own. Any link to our site should be a full forward link that passes the client browser to our site unencumbered. The BACK button should return the visitor to your site if the visitor wishes to back out. You should not link to individual graphics or tables within our pages, especially in an effort to place the downloading burden on our servers. Such an action may be considered a misuse of state resources.

Reciprocal links
The TxDPS does not enter into reciprocal link agreements. We provide links to sites that are appropriate to our mission. Our creation of a link to your site does not obligate you to provide a link back to us, but you are, of course, welcome to do so.

Read the Texas State Linking and Privacy Policy

Links from DPS

This section outlines the criteria and requirements that external websites must meet to have a link on the DPS website. It also details how links are accepted and removed from the DPS website.

DPS reserves the right to link to external websites that it feels would provide a service or otherwise be of value to constituents.

Acceptance Criteria
DPS links to federal, state, and local governments that provide information and services that benefit Texas citizens, Texas local government, and Texas state agencies. At its discretion, DPS will consider link requests to non-governmental websites that contain information and/or services that further the purpose of DPS, including sites of DPS-contracted vendors, and relevant and timely and relevant publications.

The DPS website is not a forum for public communication and debate. The criteria outlined in this section have been established to ensure that the DPS website remains a non-public forum.

Every link request must undergo review to determine its relevance and appropriateness to the purpose of DPS. Links are approved for DPS based on the following criteria:

  • The external website corresponds with the purpose of DPS
  • The site's content is appropriate with respect to the purpose of DPS and the site is not a:
    • Site that contains material which infringes copyrighted material;
    • Site that exhibits hate, bias, discrimination, pornography, libelous or otherwise defamatory content;
    • Site that advocates or promotes the use of alcohol or tobacco;
    • Site belonging to or supporting a political affiliation;
    • Site that furthers the agenda of a political organization or candidate running for office.

DPS reserves the right to deny links if it determines that a website contains misleading or unsubstantiated claims, conflicts with the purpose of DPS, or does not meet one or more of the criteria set forth above in numbered sections or set out below in the section on Conditions for Link Maintenance on DPS.

Review Process

  • Email link requests to Webrequests, indicating “Link Request” in the subject line. Each link request should address how the site meets the two acceptance criteria outlined above.
  • The link request will be reviewed against the acceptance criteria set forth above. The decision of the DPS webmaster is final as to whether the requesting site may have a link from DPS.
  • Approved sites must comply with the following conditions for link maintenance and may be required to enter into a written linking agreement with DPS.

Conditions for Link Maintenance on DPS
To give superior customer service to citizens and businesses accessing governmental information and services through DPS, we require that external websites linked from DPS meet the following conditions in order to maintain a link on DPS:

  • The linked site must provide the user with access to an email address and/or a customer service telephone number so that users may contact the site if there are problems with format, accuracy, timeliness, or payment processing.
  • Linked sites should not excessively burden the DPS customer support system. If the site excessively burdens the DPS customer support system, DPS has discretion to take linked site off of the DPS website.
  • When the user clicks on the external website link, he/she must have easy access back to DPS. One of two options can accomplish this:
    • A link to DPS can be established on the external website's main page; or
    • The "Back" button returns the user to DPS.
  • Linked sites must have a privacy and security policy accessible from their home page informing the user of what information is collected, how it is collected, and how it is used. DPS encourages linked sites to comply with industry-accepted accessibility standards to ensure that persons with disabilities may access these sites.
  • Linked sites must notify DPS at the email address provided below if the site to which DPS links become inaccurate or inactive.

Removal Process
DPS reserves the right to remove links if it determines that a website contains misleading or unsubstantiated claims, conflicts with the purpose of DPS, or does not meet one or more of the criteria set forth above in the Acceptance Criteria section or set out above in the Conditions for Link Maintenance on DPS section.

Links from DPS will be reviewed regularly and may be removed for the following reasons:

  • The link no longer points to the original information or resource to which it was intended to point;
  • The website pointed to by the link contains inaccurate or misleading information or has changed such that it is no longer in compliance with the acceptance criteria;
  • The website pointed to by the link violates the conditions for link maintenance or infringes copyright interests;
  • Access to the information has become difficult due to non-standard formatting, lengthy download times, or intrusive advertising;
  • The link is permanently unreachable or remains unavailable for a lengthy period; and
  • The external website fails to comply with the written linking agreement, if any.
  • The decision of the DPS webmaster is final as to whether a link is to be removed from DPS.