LTC Fingerprint and Photo Information

September 8, 2020

Please visit or call Identogo at 888-467-2080 for the latest information.

Under State law, DPS must conduct a fingerprint based state and FBI Criminal History background check as part of the application process for both original and renewal applicants.

Fingerprint Submission

All Original LTC applicants are required to submit fingerprints to DPS as part of the complete LTC application. LTC applicants must submit fingerprints electronically, unless the applicant qualifies for an alternative fingerprint process under House Bill 698 (83rd Legislature), regardless of whether the applicant submits a paper application or an online application.

LTC applicants must have completed one of the following to schedule an appointment:

  1. An online application must have been submitted, OR
  2. DPS must be in receipt of the paper LTC application.
    1. Applicants who choose to submit a paper application must wait to schedule their appointment after the application has been processed through the mail and they have received confirmation the application has been entered into the LTC database.

Unscheduled walk-in service is not available. To schedule an appointment at a time and location convenient to you, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Have your Service Code handy. You should have received your Service Code in an email when you completed your application online or via letter when your paper application is complete.
  2. Visit the Fingerprinting Services website, and enter your Service Code, or
  3. Call (888) 467-2080, and follow the instructions to schedule an appointment. When prompted, provide your Service Code.

Alternate Fingerprint Information & Instructions

HB 698 (83rd Legislature) provides for an alternative fingerprint process provided the applicant MUST meet both of the following requirements:

  • Applicant must reside in a county with a population of 46,000 or less, AND
  • Applicant must not reside within a 25-mile radius of a facility capable of processing the electronic fingerprints.
  • See the population for each Texas county here

Applicants who qualify for the alternate fingerprint process must first submit a LTC application. After the application has been submitted, please contact RSD by phone at (512) 424-7293 or by email to request a fingerprint packet. The fingerprint packet along with detailed instructions will only be mailed to applicants who meet the criteria for the alternate fingerprint process.

Note: Rolled ink fingerprints may only be processed at a law enforcement agency by an employee of that agency. A law enforcement agency may charge a fee not to exceed $10 for the service per Human Resource Code 80.001. Processing ink-rolled fingerprints does require additional review and handling.

For security purposes and processing efficiency, DPS is now utilizing the Texas Driver License or ID card photo on file for LTCs. The LTC-6 (Photo Holder) is only required to be submitted by applicants who hold an out-of-state Driver License or ID Card.

Renewal Applicant Fingerprint & Photo Requirements

LTC renewal applicants are not required to submit fingerprints or photos. RSD will utilize the existing photo and will resubmit the fingerprints on file.