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Reminder about Handgun License Application Requirements and Necessary Documentation

Potential delays can be avoided by submitting complete information

Due to an increased volume of applications for a license to carry a handgun (LTC) in recent months, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is advising applicants to closely follow LTC application guidelines and to ensure they submit a fully-completed application including all supporting documentation.

During the three-month period from December 2015 through February 2016, DPS has received approximately 136,000 LTC application submissions compared to approximately 57,000 over the same time period the year prior - representing a 139 percent increase.

In response to the increased volume of applications, DPS has increased staffing strength (hiring additional personnel and initiating an overtime project involving multiple shifts, seven days a week) and resources to help ensure compliance with the statutory processing time frames for original and renewal applications.

By statute, DPS has up to 60 days to issue an original LTC, and 45 days to issue a renewal license. However, it is imperative that applicants understand that these time periods are calculated from the time a fully-completed application AND supporting documents are received by the department.

In order to be complete, an original LTC application must include: a completed application form, electronic fingerprints, the Certificate of Training and any required supporting documentation. Renewal applications must include a completed application form along with any necessary supporting documents.

In the event more information or documents are required to complete an application, DPS has an additional 180 days to complete the review process. To ensure the license is issued promptly, it is very important to provide the requested information for review. If the requested information is not received timely, the application will be terminated.

Individuals interested in applying for a LTC, should carefully review these requirements and guidelines for applying:

For any additional information or questions regarding LTC applications, see Frequently Asked Questions