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Instructor Updates

Instructor Renewal 2017 Update – For information about the renewal process for certifications expiring December 31, 2017, see the attached.

The department will hold two separate instructor renewal classes per day the last week in November and three days in December. These classes will be held at DPS Tactical Training Center in Florence, Texas.

November 27th -30th (morning session/afternoon session)

December 1st, 7th, and 8th (morning session/afternoon session)

Note: Before an instructor can attend a retraining class the following must be performed: submit a renewal application online and submit a completed LTC-90, along with the supporting document(s).

Once the completed application, along with supporting documents has been received and background check has successfully cleared, an email will be sent to you outlining instructions to the specific location, dates and times for your Instructor Renewal 2017 class.

An Instructor, who has not completed the renewal process, received an email to attend and/or name not displayed on class roster will not be allowed to attend this class.