Texas Ranger Forensic Imaging Specialist

September 1, 2020

The Texas Ranger Forensic Imaging Specialist (FIS), also commonly referred to as forensic artist, is a multi-skilled specialist that works with law enforcement officers to develop composites, computerized 2-D/3-D images, enhancements, and reconstructions. The FIS operates within a multi-agency network to support investigations. As such, the FIS assists city, county, state, federal, and military law enforcement agencies across the State of Texas.

Forensic Imaging

Specifically, the FIS may be tasked with developing any of the following:

  • Composites of criminal suspects based on victim/witness descriptions
  • Postmortem image enhancements/modifications of unidentified decedents
  • 2-D and 3-D facial digital reconstructions from unidentified skeletal remains
  • Image enhancements of personal articles associated with investigations, such as clothing, tattoos, jewelry, etc.
  • Age progressions of long-term missing persons or fugitive
  • Assorted image clarifications and/or facial comparison analyses


For more information and service request inquiries, please call (512) 424-5602.