Application & Registration process

August 30, 2020

*Applications for NEW participants are only accepted Nov 1 - Mar 1*

Texas Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) who wish to acquire LESO Program property must be approved for participation and currently authorized to use the LESO Program on an annual basis. In order to apply for participation, LEAs must submit an Application Packet to This packet must be submitted and approved BEFORE creating web accounts in the iNAP/FEPMIS and AMPS/RTD systems. Below are links to the required form(s) and guides for the website registration processes.

  • Application Packet (PDF) – This must be submitted and approved before creating accounts in the below websites.
  • FEPMIS Setup Guide (PDF) - This is the site you will keep track of all property that you receive and certify your inventory every year. You must have access to this website first before proceeding to AMPS/RTD.
  • AMPS/RTD Setup Guide (PDF) – AMPS sets up the account & gives you access to the RTD Business Portal; which is the site where you look for and request property.

Once an agency obtains property, an updated Application Packet must be submitted annually by June 30 (as well as every time there is a change in administration and/or agency contact information).