Texas Online Private Security (TOPS) FAQs

October 24, 2020

1. What is TOPS?

TOPS is the new Private Security licensing system, providing secure, web-based, online access to program services. TOPS will include a new look and interface for applicants and businesses.

2. How do I access my TOPS profile?

What can I do in TOPS?

3. Which applications are submitted online?

All applications, including original, renewal, and change applications for both individuals and businesses are submitted online.

4. Is assistance available?

Yes. The application has helpful hints and text throughout. We also have user guides on our website for submission of applications, a business paying for an individual application, business approval of employee affiliation, and other functionality. If you experience problems, please Contact Us or call (512) 424-7293.

5. What if I do not have an email address?

Free email accounts can be established at a variety of sites. We suggest searching the internet for Free Email accounts.

6. What if I do not have an email address on file?

You can register your email address as part of the process to access your TOPS profile. Please see How to Login to Your TOPS Profile. If you experience problems, please Contact Us or call (512) 424-7293.

7. How do I submit documents for my pending application?

  1. Log into your account and click on the Checklist/Upload Docs button, visible next to any inflight application in the My Applications section.
  2. Next, click on the Upload Docs button at the bottom of the checklist.
  3. ONLY submit docs specified in the checklist. Each document MUST be uploaded and classified individually otherwise, this will cause delays in application processing.

8. How do I submit documents that are not related to a pending application?

Visit our Contact Us page, choose Private Security, then choose Submit Documents and follow the instructions.

9. What is the process for an individual to apply without a company affiliation?

An individual can submit an application without specifying a company affiliation. The application will process as normal, including all background checks, required documents and training required. The individual will be in a complete status, but will not receive a pocket card until affiliated with a business. Please note: If the license is not affiliated to a licensed company within 2 years, the license cannot be renewed, and the individual will need to reapply.

10. How does the employer verify employment?

Licensed Owners will be able to log in to the system to verify employment. Please see Business Employment Verification for step by step instructions.

11. Can my employer pay for my application?

Yes, you may request that your employer pay for your application. Even if you have chosen employer pay, until the point that payment occurs, you will also have the option to pay for your own application.

12. I am an employer, how do I pay for an employee's application?

Licensed Owners will be able to log in to the system and will see the employee requests for company payment. You will be able to choose to pay, or return to the employee for payment. Please see Business Employment Verification for step by step instructions.

13. Is bulk payment an option?

Yes, all businesses in good standing will be able to utilize bulk payment.

TOPS Program Updates

14. Will applications be taken by mail?

Individuals who desire to submit a paper application. Please note it may take 4-8 weeks* to process a manual paper application. The PS program highly recommends all applications be submitted online. Benefits to online applications include: reduced processing time, live notifications, and payment via credit/debit card versus mailing a check. Paper applications may be requested via the contact us link.

15. Will I need to be reprinted for background check on renewal?

DPS will use your prints on file if available, and will inform you if new prints need to be submitted.

16. What is the cost of background check on renewal?


17. How do I receive my pocket card?

Your pocket card will be mailed to your mailing address on file. You will have the ability to update/correct this address when submitting a new or renewal application.