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November 24, 2020


New” First Responder Certification Instructor Application, Course Materials, and Forms (see below)  

How To Become A New Instructor – For information about how to become a certified License To Carry (LTC) Instructor, see the Instructor Questions in our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Department of Public Safety’s rules for LTC Instructors, First Responder Instructors, Online Course Providers, and School Safety Instructors can be found at the following link Administrative Rules.

Important Instructor Links

    LTC Instructor Application for Original/Renewal Materials

    LTC Class Materials

    LTC Instructor Forms

    First Responder Certification Instructor Application (NEW)

    First Responder Course Materials (NEW)

    First Responder Course Instructor Forms (NEW)

    Instructor Updates/Notices

    Online Course Provider Application

    Online Course Provider Class Materials

    Online Course Provider Forms

    School Safety Certification Instructor Application

    School Safety Class Material

    School Safety Class Instructor Forms